Fact: It is illegal to use a legal name, yet the education system enrols/registers children into school using the Legal Name on the Birth Certificate.

This is fraud.

The innocent child is then systematically indoctrinated into believing they ARE the name called in the ‘Daily Register Ritual’ (see below).

 And so begins the mind control/education of the criminal fraudster, by those career criminal fraudsters called ‘teachers’.

After graduation you’ll begin your life as a career criminal, having obtained your qualifications by fraudulent use of a legal name.

You will obtain employment in your chosen field and proceed to follow orders, take decisions, pass judgements, perform duties, give treatments, even kill others, within your role/function/authority/job description – and all this activity and the effects your actions have upon others and the world is rooted in your fraudulently obtained education/certificates/qualifications/degrees and even in your fraudulently signed job application.

Remember, it is illegal to use a legal name.

It is fraud.

Once a fraud is revealed it renders that which it touches, that which is based within the fraud, null & void – so all the certificates/qualifications/degrees, etc., are not worth the paper they are inked-upon!

Anyone performing a role based within a fraudulently obtained ‘education’ is doing so in fraud, with no right to do so and no protection, in full personal liability for any/all harms arising out of actions taken ‘on the job’.   No corporate immunity exists now.  No work-related insurance exists either, as insurance is claimed/underwritten in the legal name.

All contracts are rendered Null & Void upon revelation of a fraud. And this Legal Name fraud has long been revealed.  Ignorance in matters of law/legality is NO defence.


The Daily Register Ritual

For more information about the Legal Name fraud and how humanity has been duped into a life of crime and lies by the very nature of this system called ‘normal’ read/visit

Babylon Is Fallen

Lose The Name


Legal Name Fraud Radio

Kate of Gaia

Ninja Bambi



And if you didn’t think #schoolgate was scandalous enough, let us introduce you to #namegate…

The Universal Political Scandal: All Authority Is Null & VoidFeatured Image -- 33


#NAMEGATE :  The Universal Political Scandal. 

The result of which is that all previously perceived authority is now NULL & VOID.


  • Each VOTER Registration is FRAUDULENT as the Legal Name/I.D. is used in order to register to vote. Therefore, as it is true that any/all use of a Legal Name is FRAUD, which is ILLEGAL, it follows that ALL registered voters’ papers are FRAUDULENT!  Which means ALL their VOTES were/will be FRAUDULENT too!

  • Once a FRAUD is revealed, ALL contracts, ALL document, ALL actions resulting from the initial FRAUD are rendered NULL & VOID – from the beginning – Ab Initio, Nunc Pro Tunc.  FACT: There is NO Statute of Limitations on the CRIME of FRAUD!

  • All of the above are Legal facts resulting in the biggest SCANDAL in history – EVER!  Forget all those other political scandals which toppled careers and whole governments!  This is the root: #Namegate!…

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The Daily Register Ritual




The Daily Register-Ritual

And How To Bust It.

By Ninja Bambi (May 2014)

We all know about the legal name fraud via the Birth Certificate Registration process.

This regis-ster pro-cess results in a spiritual contract which allows others to rule over our divine feminine creative essence, whilst all use of that registered, legal name results in a life of voluntary, if ignorant, slavery!

Any contract based in fraud, is null and void, once the fraud is revealed.

And it has been revealed!

However, not everyone is fully aware of all of this.

For those who are aware, and still sending their children into the school systems, there is the matter of the forgotten, daily, REGISTER / Regis-Ster!


We forgot, didn’t we?

We forgot all about that morning and afternoon ritual when the teacher reads the names, out loud, from the class REGISTER , with eyes down, waiting for verbal responses from each child to confirm their presence

AND, more importantly, agree to being that registered, legal, name!

No more!

Time to teach your children they are NOT a legal name.

And teach them to stop answering, to stop contracting, in-voice, when the teacher calls that legal name from the class register.

No more automatic replies of, ‘Here, Miss.’

or ‘Present, Sir’.

No more daily, re-inforced, contracts!

Let the children sit, silent, smiling. Let their silence force the teacher to look-up and see them, and make

eye-contact with them.

At first, the teachers will be confused. Silence usually means absence.

So, no doubt the teacher will ask them,

I just called your name, why didn’t you respond?”

Then the golden moment of truth:

That is not me. The legal name you seek is written in that register of yours!”

Arm your children with any amount of printed material to hand to their teacher to further explain their new position.

For example,

‘Babylon Is Fallen’

‘The Long And The Short Of It’

‘I Who Shall Not Be Legally Named’, etc.,

all by Kate of Gaia.*

This will, ultimately, force teachers to acknowledge the presence of their students by


with the


of their own




who are in attendance.

Breaking the earliest spells and contracts within the current education or better-termed indoctrination system can be easily achieved.

No more ritual, fictional, system-registered-legal-name-calling in class!

As all children learn what is really going on, their choices and voices will effect ever-greater change in the school system, which will, by default, cease to exist entirely…


it will morph into a consenting group of beings who simply wish to come together to share ideas and learn, whatever they wish to learn, in any given moment of NOW.

Curriculums will cease to exist.

Teachers will become something like


School buildings will become gathering-spaces for all.

No Legal Names.

No Contracts.

Just Fun.

Ninja Bambi

Truth For Kids